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1Sam 31. In this he contrasts somewhat with Ahab (1 Kings 21:5). David now entered on a series of conquests which greatly extended and strengthened his kingdom ( 2 Samuel 8 ). ( 1 Chronicles 12:39 ) One of Davids first acts after becoming king was to secure Jerusalem, which he seized from the Jebusites and fixed the royal residence there. Abner, however, loyal to his former master, had Esh-baal (1 Chronicles 8:33), son of Saul, anointed king over the remaining tribes at Mahanaim, a fortified town East of the Jordan. ( Psalms 18:33 Psalms 18:34 ) After the anointing David resumes his accustomed duties, and the next we know of him he is summoned to the court to chase away the kings madness by music, ( 1 Samuel 16:14-19 ) and in the successful effort of Davids harp we have the first glimpse into that genius for music and poetry which was afterwards consecrated in the Psalms. His brothers do not seem to have thought the matter of much consequence (compare 1 Samuel 17:28), and all David could conclude from it was that he was destined to some high office--perhaps that of Samuel's successor (compare 1 Kings 19:15,16). Shortly after this Ish-bosheth was also treacherously put to death by two Canaanites of Beeroth; and there being now no rival, David was anointed king over all Israel ( 4:1-12 ). Old men in the East often foretell a great future for a young boy (compare Luke 2:34). Le gustan los retos, sin embargo piensa muy bien qué hacer y la mejor manera de hacerlo, para estar preparado ante cualquier situación. ¿Cuál es el significado de David? Owing to the sudden death of one of the drivers, which he interpreted as indicative of anger on the part of Yahweh, David left the ark at the house of a Philistine which happened to be near at hand. En lugares de delicados pastos me hará descansar; Junto a aguas de reposo me pastoreará. Nathan the prophet ( 2 Samuel 7:1-17 ; 12:1-23 ) was sent by God to bring home his crimes to the conscience of the guilty monarch. Had he succeeded in crushing these invaders, the newly-established kingdom would in the absence of this bond of union have dissolved again into its elements, as had happened on every similar occasion before. Los rasgos que más definen a David son su sinceridad, orden y claridad. One of the recurring themes in the Book of Samuel is reference to the "Lord's anointed" ( 1 Samuel 16:3 1 Samuel 16:6 1 Samuel 16:12-13 ; 24:6 ; 1 Samuel 26:9 1 Samuel 26:11 1 Samuel 26:16 1 Samuel 26:23 ; 2 Samuel 1:14 2 Samuel 1:16 ; 3:39 ; 19:21 ). After this he went home to Bethlehem. The materials and the skilled workmen for the erection of the palace were supplied by Hiram of Tyre (2 Samuel 5:11). Compound Forms/Forme composte: Inglese: Italiano: David Copperfield (literature) David Copperfield : Star of David n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. Like most Semites he was fond of gambling and liked to take risks (18:26; compare 23:9; 30:7), even when modesty would have led him to decline them (17:32; compare Judges 8:20). Yet these acts of violence laid the sovereignty of all Israel at his feet. David and his men rent their clothes and mourned for Saul, who had been defeated in battle near Mount Gilboa. Underneath the splendor of his last glorious campaign against the Ammonites was a dark story, known probably at that time only to a very few --the double crime of adultery with Bath-sheba and the virtual murder of Uriah. That Saul made sure that David would not return is shown by the fact that he gave his daughter Michal to a man of the tribe of Benjamin as wife (1 Samuel 25:44). He had now reached the height of his glory. The Assyrian monarchy was in a decadent state from about the year 1050 BC, and the 22nd Dynasty--to which Shishak belonged (1 Kings 14:25)--had not yet arisen. vid. It was a momentous day in Israel. David era el rey de Israel, considerado un héroe para su pueblo. Los niños judíos fueron circuncidados en el octavo día. He was the more anxious to so do since he had much of the material ready at hand in the precious metals which formed the most valuable part of the plunder of the conquered races, such as bronze from Chalkis (8:8), gold and silver (8:11) and the vessels which he had received as a present from the king of Hamath (8:10). David - Traduccion ingles de diccionario ingles. Ungido Rey por Samuel, 1 S.16:13. ( Nehemiah 3:16 ) His tomb, which became the general sepulchre of the kings of Judah, was pointed out in the latest times of the Jewish people. There was no reason why it should not be so. The position was no doubt a precarious one. ( Genesis 15:18-21 ) During the succeeding ten years the nations bordering on his kingdom caused David more or less trouble, but during this time he reduced to a state of permanent subjection the Philistines on the west, ( 2 Samuel 8:1 ) the Moabites on the east, ( 2 Samuel 8:2 ) by the exploits of Benaiah, ( 2 Samuel 23:20 ) the Syrians on the northeast as far as the Euphrates, ( 2 Samuel 8:3 ) the Edomites, ( 2 Samuel 8:14 ) on the south; and finally the Ammonites, who had broken their ancient alliance, and made one grand resistance to the advance of his empire. Whether by accident or by contrivance he became attached to Saul as minstrel (compare 2 Kings 3:15) and subsequently as one of his armor-bearers. Chosen by God to succeed Saul, he had been anointed secretly by Samuel and became king of all of Israel upon defeating Saul's son Ish-bosheth. From the moment of his flight David became an outlaw and remained so until the death of Saul. The position of David at this time was very similar to that of the brigand Raisuli of late in Morocco. The kohen (priest) was, as the name indicates, a soothsayer or diviner. It has been noted as characteristic of the Bible that while his military triumphs are recorded in a few verses, the sad story of his fall is given in detail, a story full of warning, and therefore recorded. Bibliography. He "went up to the chamber over the gate, and wept" (33), giving utterance to the heart-broken cry, "Would God I had died for thee, O Absalom, my son, my son!" 9-20 and I Kings 1 and 2. It was then lying at Kiriath-jearim, possibly Abu Gosh about 8 miles Northwest of Jerusalem (compare Psalms 132). [Hebrew dāwīd, beloved, kinsman (sense uncertain); see dwd in Semitic roots .] Compare Psalms 31 . 21 // 2 Sam. Confortará mi alma; Me guiará por sendas de justicia por amor de su nombre. A new religious era began. In accordance with the practice of the kings of his time, David had several wives. - Jehová es mi pastor; nada me faltará. -- As king of Judah at Hebron, 7 1/2 years. We would obtain a very different idea of the personal character of David if we drew our conclusions from the books of Samuel and Kings or from the books of Chronicles. The Chronicler, on the other hand, is biased by the religious ideas of his own time and is prejudiced in favor of some of those whose biographies he writes and against others. Ahithophel sides with Absalom; Hushai with David (2 Samuel 15:12,32). There is something curiously modern in the diplomacy which David employed to ensure his own return in due state (2 Samuel 19:11). Trova esempi di versetti biblici in cui compare l’espressione “Città di Davide”. That Jesus was descended from David (Matthew 9:27, etc.) ( 1 Kings 2:1-9 ) He died, according to Josephus, at the age of 70, and "was buried in the city of David." But in the midst of all this success he fell, and his character became stained with the sin of adultery ( 2 Samuel 11:2-27 ). The favorite wife of his latter days was Bathsheba. ", Geikie's Hours etc., iii. He would establish an everlasting kingdom. Was he "the sweet psalmist of Israel" (2 Samuel 23:1)? These are round numbers. The most formidable enemy, the Philistines, were worsted in several campaigns, and their power crippled (2 Samuel 5:17; 8:1). 2 Samuel 8:13; 1 Chronicles 18:11 with the title of 1 Samuel 23:24), and his whole career is largely to be explained by the fact that, at the moment, the tribe of Judah as a whole was passing from insignificance to supremacy. Copyright © 2021, Bible Study Tools. Why was life expectancy so much greater for a king in the South? Like most Orientals he was endowed with a refinement of feeling unknown in the West. David then continued his flight and came to Ahimelech, the priest at Nob (1 Samuel 21:1). Again they invaded the land, and were a second time routed by him. In the South, by contrast, a single dynasty ruled until the Babylonian exile. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. Significato e definizione dell’espressione “Città di Davide” riportata nella Bibbia. There is, indeed, no life more monotonous and enervating than that of an eastern shepherd, but David must have made good use of his idle time. This supposition is countenanced by the fact that Salma (Salmon), the name of the son of Nahshon and father of Boaz, is also the name of a grandson of Caleb who became "father" of Bethlehem, the home of Jesse (1 Chronicles 2:51). The tidings of the death of his rebellious son filled the heart of David with the most poignant grief. David and his men now set out for Hebron under divine direction ( 2 Samuel 2:1-4 ). And David's own last hours, instead of being spent in repose and peace following upon a strenuous and successful life, were passed in meting out vengeance to those who had incurred his displeasure as well as commending those who had done him service (1 Kings 2:5). Thus began the cleavage between Judah and Israel. But whereas the anointing of Saul was done surreptitiously and for a definite purpose which was explained at the time (1 Samuel 10:1), that of David was performed before his whole family, but with what object he was not told (1 Samuel 16:13). Fortifications were added by the king and by Joab, and it was known by the special name of the "city of David." His swiftness and activity made him like a wild gazelle, his feet like harts feet, and his arms strong enough to break a bow of steel. Jonathan made a fruitless effort to bring his father to a better state of mind toward David ( 1 Samuel 20 ), who, being made aware of the fact, saw no hope of safety but in flight to a distance. David (Hebrew: דָּוִד ‎) is described in the Hebrew Bible as the second king of the United Monarchy of Israel and Judah, becoming king after Saul. He was persuaded, however, by the prophet Nathan to forego that task, on the ground of his having shed much human blood, and to leave it to his successor (1 Chronicles 22:8; 28:3). His hope of salvation lay in the death of his king, the father of his wife and of his best friend. It resulted in the defeat of Abner. The principle followed hitherto had been that of election by the sheikhs or caids of the clans. It is difficult to believe that the young David never dreamed of a day when his own tribe should take its true place among its fellows, and when the deliverer of Israel from its oppressors should belong for once to the tribe of Judah. The historical books recall David's skill as a musician and his concern with music in worship ( 1 Sam 16:14-21 ; 1 Chron 25 ; 2 Chron 23:18 ; 29:25-30 ; 35:15 ). Los portadores famosos incluyen al filósofo empírico David Hume (1711-1776), al explorador Livingstone (1813-1873), al músico Bowie (1947-2016) y al jugador de fútbol Beckham (1975-). In chapter 16, David is engaged to play before Saul in order to dispel is melancholy, and becomes his squire or armor-bearer (16:21), whereas in the following chapter he is unknown to Saul, who, after the death of Goliath, asks Abner who he is, and Abner replies that he does not know (17:55). David was therefore elected king over the nation (2 Samuel 5:1). He was safe at last from the persecution of Saul (1 Samuel 27:4); he could secure ample supplies by making raids upon the Amalekites and other tribes hostile to Israel toward the South (1 Samuel 27:8); and if the opportunity presented itself he could deal a serious blow at the Philistine arms. Had he done so he would hardly have permitted the execution of seven sons of Saul (2 Samuel 21:1), and that, too, at the cost of breaking his plighted word (1 Samuel 24:21); he would not have stood in awe of the sons of his sister Zeruiah (2 Samuel 3:39), and would have punished Joab instead of weakly invoking an imprecation on his head (2 Samuel 3:29), however much he might have felt the loss of his services. Whatever the nature of the instrument was, David acquired such proficiency in playing it that his fame as a musician soon spread throughout the countryside (1 Samuel 16:18). On his arrival in the camp of Israel, David (now about twenty years of age) was made aware of the state of matters when the champion of the Philistines, Goliath of Gath, came forth to defy Israel. David's special body-guard of Philistine troops--the Cherethites and Pelethites--were commanded by Benaiah, who in the following reign, succeeded Joab (1 Kings 2:35). The entire account of David is presented as the interplay of his public (kingship) and private (father, husband) roles as they impinge on the question of who will succeed him to the throne. Dávid király volt Júdea Rózsa Sándorja Dávid egy betyárbanda vezére volt, Salamon pedig egy poros és mindössze néhány ezer lelket számláló Jeruzsálemben uralkodott - állítja legújabb könyvében Israel Finkelstein.. Dávid 1. "Entry for 'DAVID'". David denounced both crimes with apparent sincerity. Another of the pastimes in the pursuit of which David spent many an hour of his youthful days was music. Jonathan, on the other hand, acquiesced in the turn things had taken and bowed to what he believed to be the inevitable. His court made some show of splendor as contrasted with the dwellings of the peasantry and the farmer class (2 Samuel 19:28,35), but his palace was always small and plain, so that it could be left to the keeping of ten women when he removed from it (2 Samuel 15:16). See the commentaries on the books of Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, and Psalms, and histories of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, especially Wellhausen and Kittel. 24), the Chronicler has not recorded incidents that would in any way tarnish the image of David or Solomon. Nothing could have been more timely than the death of Saul and Jonathan, of Ishbaal and Abner, of Absalom and Amasa, and he did not raise his hand against one of them. He had reigned thirty-three years in Jerusalem and seven and a half at Hebron ( 2 Samuel 5:5 ). He was in consequence appointed commander-in-chief (1 Chronicles 11:6,8), a post which he held as long as David lived. ( 2 Samuel 5:9 ; 1 Chronicles 11:7 ) The ark was now removed from its obscurity at Kirjath-jearim with marked solemnity, and conveyed to Jerusalem. David (ebraică דָּוִד; latină Davidus, David; posibil semnificând „persoana iubită” sau „cel iubit”) este descris în Biblia ebraică ca al treilea rege al Regatului Israelului (unit), devenind rege după domnia scurtă a lui Ishboshet. It became apparent that his life was now drawing to its close. ( 1 Samuel 17:34 1 Samuel 17:35 ) It was some years after this that David suddenly appears before his brothers in the camp of the army, and hears the defiant challenge of the Philistine giant Goliath. Yet the services of one of them at least were retained more by compulsion than by choice (2 Samuel 3:39). Perhaps the earliest instance is the passage just cited containing the "last words" of David (2 Samuel 23:1-7). Mato al gigante Goliat y tocaba el arpa para el Rey Sa? El primer día de la semana es como un día de resurrección. He bitterly bewailed his sins before God. But his title to the throne was not undisputed. Ponemos a tu disposición muchos recursos sobre el hebreo, indispensables para conocer a fondo nuestra historia. There is no doubt whatever that the former books are much truer to fact, and any estimate or appreciation of David or of any of the other characters described must be based upon them. "I am the Resurrection and the Life" (14:6). His great military talents at once gave him a leading place, and as a reward for the capture of Jebus he was given the chief command, which he held against all rivals (2 Samuel 3:27; 20:10) during the whole reign. He is also one of the Old Testament saints (Hebrews 11:32) whose actions (unless otherwise stated) are to be imitated (Matthew 12:3); but yet not to be compared with the Messiah (Acts 2:29; 13:36) who has power over the life to come (Revelation 3:7) and who is "the Root of David" (Revelation 5:5; 22:16). David's success where Saul had failed, however, instead of gratifying only inflamed the jealousy of the latter, and he determined to put David out of the way. Uriah, whom he had foully wronged, an officer of the Gibborim, the corps of heros ( 23:39 ), was, by his order, "set in the front of the hottest battle" at the siege of Rabbah, in order that he might be put to death. ( 2 Samuel 10:1-19 ; 12:26-31 ) Three great calamities may be selected as marking the beginning, middle and close of Davids otherwise prosperous reign, which appear to be intimated in the question of Gad, ( 2 Samuel 24:13 ) "a three-years famine, a three-months flight or a three-days pestilence." (dā′vĭd) Died c. 962 bc. His early occupation was that of tending his father's sheep on the uplands of Judah. And he seems to have been gifted with the saving sense of humor (1 Samuel 26:15). A fugitive. Here again there are no adequate grounds for supposing we have two accounts of one and the same incident. That he was a religious person goes without saying (2 Samuel 7; 8:11). The only previous attempt to establish such an institution--that of Gideon's family (1 Samuel 8:22)--had ended in failure. David now resolved to bring up the ark of the covenant to his new capital ( 2 Samuel 6 ). Estudios bíblicos profundos de crecimiento espiritual para aprender, estudiar y fortalecer la fe en temas bíblicos fundamentales para la vida cristiana. By : David Guzik. After this there fell upon the land the calamity of three years' famine ( 2 Samuel 21:1-14 ). David was sent for, and the prophet immediately recognized him as the chosen of God, chosen to succeed Saul, who was now departing from the ways of God, on the throne of the kingdom. It had been the custom of the Israelites on setting out upon expeditions in which the nation as a whole took part to carry with them the sacred box or "ark" which contained the two stone tables (Joshua 4:7, etc.). Ocho personas fueron salvas del diluvio. On one hand he is extolled as a saint, and yet few men have committed worse crimes. But he soon again came into prominence. All these people became tributary to the kingdom of Israel under David (2 Samuel 10:18,19) except the sons of Ammon who were practically exterminated for the time being (2 Samuel 12:31). He was regarded as the chosen of Heaven, by friend and foe alike (1 Samuel 23:17). David king over Judah. He was the only judge who had failed to accomplish the task for which he was appointed, and he was the only one who had been appointed on the understanding that his son should succeed him, for this constitutes the distinction between king and judge.

of man), while four were on behalf of the nation David's wars. Of the wife or wives of Jesse we know nothing, and consequently are without information upon a most interesting point--the personality of the mother of David; but that she too may have been of the tribe of Moab is rendered probable by the fact that, when hard pressed, David placed his parents under the protection of the king of that country (1 Samuel 22:3,1). David era el rey de Israel, considerado un héroe para su pueblo. Two other sons, Shephatiah and Ithream were also born in Hebron (2 Samuel 3:2-5; 1 Chronicles 3:1-4). The writers of the New Testament see in Jesus the embodiment of a righteous king for Israel. Peace was now restored, and David returned to Jerusalem and resumed the direction of affairs. As David's circumstances improved he required assistance in the management of his affairs. Deprived of his chief support Esh-baal also fell a victim to assassination (2 Samuel 4:2). He is the heir of the promises to David. Just as David had once gone into singlehanded combat with the great enemy of Israel so Jesus would singlehandedly triumph over the enemy of our souls. The earliest events in the career of David are involved in some obscurity. Of these the first (the three-years famine) introduces us to the last notices of Davids relations with the house of Saul, already referred to. The next years of David's life were spent in the service of Saul in his wars with the Philistines. Yet his conduct toward the sons of Ammon was even more cruel (2 Samuel 12:31), and for less cause (10:1). La fortaleza de los jebuseos de Sión que David capturó y llamó la ciudad de David (2Ch 5:2). Thus, Amnon is the special patron of David's nephew Jonadab (2 Samuel 13:3; compare 2 Samuel 21:21), and Absalom is backed by Amasa (2 Samuel 17:25). Thence after two years he returned (chapter 14), only to foment rebellion against his father (chapter 15), leading to civil war between David and Judah on the one side and Absalom and Israel on the other (chapters 16; 17), and ending in the death of himself (chapter 18) and of Amasa, David's nephew, at the hands of his cousins Joab and Abishai (20:7), as well as nearly precipitating the disruption of the newly founded kingdom (19:43). The thirty-second and fifty-first Psalms reveal the deep struggles of his soul, and his spiritual recovery. After the death of Amnon, Absalom became the favorite (2 Samuel 18:33), and after the death of Absalom, Adonijah (1 Kings 1:6). David's position was perhaps the most difficult imaginable. This was soon after followed by a pestilence, brought upon the land as a punishment for David's sinful pride in numbering the people ( 2 Samuel 24 ), in which no fewer than 70,000 perished in the space of three days. During this period he supported himself and his men by making raids on the Philistine outposts and levying blackmail on his own countrymen (1 Samuel 25:2) in return for giving them his protection from the Philistines (1 Samuel 23:1). This period of his career is full of stirring adventures which remind us of Robert Bruce or William Wallace of Scotland. A tent was pitched for it, in which it remained (7:2), except when it was sent with the army to the seat of war (11:11; 15:24). a. David es un nombre masculino de origen hebreo (Dawich). Saul with his 3,000 picked men (1 Samuel 24:2; 26:2), but he was not a great general. As a guerrilla chief with his 600 bandits he could keep at bay. A cloudy evening. In consequence of the death of Uzzah (for it was a divine ordinance that only the Levites should handle the ark, Numbers 4 ), who had put forth his hand to steady the ark when the cart in which it was being conveyed shook by reason of the roughness of the road, David stayed the procession, and conveyed the ark into the house of Obed-edom, a Philistine from Gath. This is the word which is used by the Holy Spirit of Natan. Bible Dictionaries - Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology - David, Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, Bible Dictionaries - Easton's Bible Dictionary - David, Bible Dictionaries - Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary - David, Bible Dictionaries - Smith's Bible Dictionary - David, Encyclopedias - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - David, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Abner now sided with David, and sought to promote his advancement; but was treacherously put to death by Joab in revenge for his having slain his brother Asahel at Gibeon ( 3:22-39 ). To the accompaniment of his lyre David no doubt sang words, either of popular songs or of lyrics of his own composition, in that wailing eastern key which seems to be an imitation of the bleating of flocks. (It is not clear to which clause "like David" belongs, probably to both.) Aplique los estudios bíblicos diariamente a su vida, crezca espiritualmente y acérquese cada día más a Dios. Indeed, we should know as much about his religious life as can well be known about anyone. One of the first countries against which David turned his arms was the land of Moab, which he treated with a severity which would suggest that the Moabite king had ill-treated David's father and mother, who had taken refuge with him (2 Samuel 8:2). David and Solomon in Chronicles are not just the David and Solomon who were, but the David and Solomon of the Chronicler's eschatological hope. ¿Cuáles son los sinónimos de David? The first encounter between the two opposing armies, led on the one side by Abner, and on the other by Joab, took place at the pool of Gibeon. Here Saul, who still pursued him with his army, narrowly escaped, through the generous forbearance of David, and was greatly affected by what David had done for him. There his family had been settled for generations, indeed ever since the Israelite nation had overrun the land of Canaan. 2Sam 24. His life may be divided into three portions: His youth before his introduction to the court of Saul; His relations with Saul; His reign. For example, the king who will not seize the kingdom from Saul (2 Sam. During his wandering David's followers increased in numbers (compare David in the Deuteronomic History. 2 Samuel 8:8 and 21:18, for Betah and Gob read Tebah (Tibhath) and Gezer (1 Chronicles 18:8; Genesis 22:24; 1 Chronicles 20:4). The king of Zobah (Chalkis) was defeated (2 Samuel 8:3), and Israelite garrisons were placed in Syria of Damascus (2 Samuel 8:6) and Edom (2 Samuel 8:14). It came to his ears that his daughter Michal, as well as his son Jonathan, loved David, and Saul undertook to give her to David on the condition of his killing one hundred Philistines. He dealt otherwise with malefactors who could be better spared (2 Samuel 1:14; 4:9). David's first impulse on his flight from Saul had been to seek safety there (1 Samuel 21:10-15). Moreover, behind all national movements there lay the power of the prophets, the representatives of Yahweh. David's sins do not seem that much greater than Saul's. Fortune seemed to favor him. In accordance with the custom of the times, as his estate improved, he took other wives and slave-girls.

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